Here is a little bit about myself and from where I came. People often get so caught up in everyday activities that they forget their essence and origins. Introspection gives us new energy and inspiration. If you are into instant messaging like I am then you can chat with me directly via one of the following channels:

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Fine young man:
<strong>Kiffin Gish, fine young man.</strong>

To the left, you can see a photograph of me when I was only a small boy aged six years old. This picture was taken nearly thirty-seven years ago, which is pretty hard for me to believe now. Time accelerates at a faster rate the older you get. That sure seems like an awfully long time ago in the past, those days of innocence and childhood dreams. Back in the good ol' days. Have a closer look at those eyes. They are gazing at a wide open future, a grand expanse ready for youthful and naive anticipation. An unrestrained excitement it seems. There is still a long ways to go, but it will be fun and exciting I am thinking. Here is something interesting to ponder about. This very same child has to this day remained. He is intact inside of me, somewhere. With the passage of time, one layer upon another has formed on top of him. On occasion I try to heed to the emotions of this wise young guide of mine. He speaks to me with his youthful approach, comforts me and points the way. I do my best in the adult world to allow this innocent and spontaneous six year old to express himself and lead the way when appropriate.

<strong>Kiffin&#39;s Future Famous Homepage</strong>

Just seven days before I was born, Sputnik 1 became the first man-made satellite in history to be launched successfully into Earth orbit. The Sputnik 1 was sent into space by the Soviet Union on October 4th, 1957, weighed 184 pounds and orbited at more than 500 miles above earth. Just click on the picture to the right to hear the now famous "beep-beep-beep..." that the Sputnik 1 transmitted for 23 days long days before the batteries finally ran down and sputtered out. One might even go so far as to say that this wonderful, heavenly body symbolically rang in my birth into the real world. A profound and interesting prediction from space and all that is beyond, the place where I originated. Just to think that I was born when this marvelous object was flying past us all in orbit high above the earth, beeping round and round all alone.

Why I am here:

This is why I am here. Through the world and therefore ultimately through me, the "unmanifested" will be able to know itself. I am here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Sounds pretty heavy, but it is true. Not that I am any better than the rest, because this rule of the universe applies equally well to everyone. Each one of us is important in a very special way. This is more serious than one may realize and should not be taken lightly.

<strong>Kiffin&#39;s Future Famous Homepage</strong>
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I was born with an inherent fascination with anything to do with technology. As a kid, I took things apart and (tried to) put them back together again. I borrowed millions of books from the local library and read endlessly about science, especially space travel. Back when I was a kid there were no computers with which to play, let alone Internet.

I was the first kid on my block to own a Texas Instrument calculator which cost me fifty bucks! Took me a very long time to save up for, but it was well worth it. It had this thin green button on the side which when pressed would actually figure out (are you ready for this?) the square root. I would choose random numbers all day and repeatedly hit the square root button, watching the answers on the display slowly converge to the number one. Wow.

Maybe you could call me one of the first so-called nerds. Later on when I was a student at high school, they offered for the first time this bizarre course which they called "Computer Science". Didn't know what it meant, and wasn't too keen about punching thousands of holes in all these cards which would only jam the reader all the time anyway. All these red flashing buttons which supposedly gave some mystical answer to be deciphered. Later on, I joined the Telecom bandwagon because I was fascinated with the idea of transporting information (we called it "data" to sound important) from point A to point B.

Then came mobile telecommunications which meant that no more wires were required and one could actually connect with another device through the air (we called it "ether" to sound even more important). The Internet just happened to pop up along the way. My choices have never depended upon the best way to earn a living in Europe at the time. Additional reasons: fate, randomness and intuition.

Hobbies and interests:

Of course a page introducing myself would not be complete without a section describing my hobbies and other interests. So this is it.

I enjoy reading good fiction (as well as psychology, history and philosophy), playing golf, watching the film classics, listening to (modern) classical music as well as rock-and-roll and country, programming for fun, jogging and inline skating, bicycling and camping, and sometimes getting carried away playing on my personal computer into the wee hours of the morning. I have been captivated by the latest improvements of Internet technology. Under the delusion that someday I will become a future-famous web designer, I work late evening hours for fun trying to make my homepage and my weblog even better. Also I am a volunteer reviewer for The Weblog Review.

Who is this guy?
Just your regular down-to-earth kind of person who spends most of his time pursuing a pseudo-balanced life in the best of all perfect worlds.
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