Clint brought his best buddy Christopher along with him to Europe and they had the time of their lives for a short while in Holland.

My nephew clint:
Clint (15) in Gouda
Clint meets Dutch gal in 1995.

Clint Bigham is my one and only nephew, the son of Kathleen. Once in a while I get to see him, but not that much as he lives faraway in San Diego, California. The last time I had seen him was several years ago when he was fifteen and came over with my mother. Now he is a "macho" university man going for a degree in International Business at the University of San Diego. He is also an avid golfer and he is getting pretty good at the sport. I don't get to see him that often, but when I do we make the very best of the limited time together. To the right you can see a picture which was taken when Clint first came to Europe, already becoming quite impressed with the Dutch women as you can see.

Picture gallery:

Well, this spring he decided to go for it and raise some havoc in Europe, bringing his friend Christopher along, a real nice guy with his act together, so it seems. At least he could protect Clint. They flew in to Schiphol Airport and used Bieslookgaarde as their headquarters for respite and recovery. It was good seeing them, though they spent many a night who knows where and slept a good portion of the daylight hours away. Below are a few interesting pictures:

Clint + Christopher
Clint and Christopher "trying" to ride bikes through the busy streets of Gouda, acting cool with their sunglasses.
Clint + Kiffin
After a very intense game of ping-pong (which Kiffin won, of course) we are still friends.
Clint and the rest of the Dutch Gishes
From left to right: Kiffin, Lennart, Sabien, Clint, Marlies, Bas, Maarten and Christopher.

After a short stay which indeed was way to short, Clint and Christopher went their own separate way in search of other challenging adventures.

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