After having lived in Salinas we moved to Monterey to a bigger house out in the countryside. Gallant Fox Road is where I spent my teenage yearsI had to take a bus to school every morning early, and my mother made us these really delicious chocolate milk shakes for breakfast (raw eggs, yeast powder, etc. #@%?!) The house was in a lovely area out in nature, but I did not have many friends there. By nature I was a bit of an introvert, loved to read and learn about science, walking alot on my own in the countryside. Sometimes I would climb the hill behind the house (see picture below), write some things on paper and bury them in jars in the ground where I sat. I had a wonderful view (see again picture below) and would think alot about life and the future and what I was going to do when I got older.

Aerial photo:

Here is an interesting birds-eye view of the house courtesy of Mapquest. I have indicated where the house is with a red arrow.

Photo gallery:

Below you will find a number of pictures I took around the house, showing from various angles and altitudes the old homestead in which I spent the remaining years of my youth as a teenager. You can also double-click on any picture in order to enlarge it for a better view.

The old homestead
Old homestead at 22650 Gallant Fox Rd.
Gallant Fox Rd
The view from the backyard, showing the porch.
Gallant Fox Rd
From the back porch looking into the oak trees.
Gallant Fox Rd - 5.jpg (179986 bytes)
The hill behind the house I often climbed up to meditate.
Gallant Fox Rd - 1.jpg (229275 bytes)
The panorama from the hill, showing the house.
Gallant Fox Rd - 2.jpg (181234 bytes)
Looking farther across Highway 68 up into the distant hills.

The two maps below should give you a better idea where exactly the town of Monterey is located, as well as a zoom-in showing Gallant Fox Rd. Or just jump directly to the official I Know Monterey web site.

Monterey, California
Monterey, California.
Gallant Fox Road, Monterey
22650 Gallant Fox Road.
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