The Gish family tree is growing and extending its branches. The second generation of Gish kids comes along and redefines the world, so watch out.

Gish kids:

One may think that raising four wild-and-crazy kids is alot of work, but the extra effort is more than worth it, making life more rewarding (though also at times frustrating). They are sure growing up quickly, developing their own personalities and unique talents. Wonderful gifts from Heaven. Below you can see for yourself the fearsome foursome of Gish kids:

Lennart GishMarlies GishSabien GishMaarten Gish
Left to right: Lennart (15), Marlies (13), Sabien (10) and Maarten (7).
Opa and Oma:

Thea's parents live in Amsterdam and come down to visit us once in awhile. They are called Opa and Oma in Dutch, meaning respectively Grandpa and Grandma. In the picture below they are visiting us for Marlies' birthday and they look like they are having a fun time.

Opa and Oma Karssemeijer, Thea's Parents.
Bieslookgaarde 2:
Allium schoenoprasum

The family has been living in Gouda for more than 10 years now, and we like the area alot. Centrally located in the heart of Holland, we can get to Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam within an hour. About three years ago we grew out of our old house at Snuifmolenerf (the Dutch shoebox) and went looking for a nicer house. We searched everywhere for a long time, but to no avail. And then, purely by chance, we discovered the perfect Gish abode, of all places still right there in Gouda. Must be symbolic. We now reside in the quaint neighborhood at Bieslookgaarde 2. In the Dutch language, the word "bieslook" means simply "chives." The area is green and in the middle of nature. The so-called "Kinderboederij" (a farmhouse with animals the kids can pet) is a five minute walk away from our house, great for Maarten and the parent.

Dutch abode:
<strong>Bieslookgaarde 2</strong>
Our fine Dutch abode at Bieslookgaarde 2.

To the left you can see a picture of our fine Dutch abode, taken just before we moved in October 1997. Located on the corner, the backyard is fairly large, and there is plenty of room for the kids to play outside. Not far away there is a grass field where they can climb tress and play soccer with the neighbor kids. Each child has his own room, and we even rebuild the attic so that Lennart could have his private cubby hole (what a mess). The parents also sleep in the attic, and that is where the computer is. On the first floor are the other three bedrooms, a shower and a toilet. The bottom floor contains a sitting room with a nice fireplace, a dining room, and a kitchen. We have a garage but it is filled with tons of junk, including the ping-pong table and all the bikes. Some day we plan to rebuild the interior and extend the back of the house, but we will see.


Het stadhuis (town hall), Gouda.

The quaint town of Gouda is a nice place to live in. It must be as we have stayed here for more than ten years. The center of town is only a ten minute bike trip away, and once you have seen the market, the wonderful architecture, and the medieval Cathedral you will be sold. During the summer when the sun is shining, one can sit at one of the many terraces and sip a drink, watching all of the activity and the many people walking by. Just like in most Dutch towns, there is much water in the form of canals, though less than say Amsterdam, still colorful nonetheless. Even though the winter months are dark and cold, that unique Gouda sphere remains through the turn of the year. When the warmer months finally come around again, there is so much green and a wide spectrum of flowers everywhere, that one feels from within an emotion of coming alive again, being reborn in a way. This seasonal transition is special, something that I had never experienced while growing up in the year round tropical heat of Californian weather. Gouda is a nice place to live.

Ponypark Slagharen:

Here is one of the rare pictures of the whole family together, this time during an exciting three-day weekend in the east of Holland where we rented a bungalow at the this amusement park, a five minute walk to all the fun. There were roller coasters, a Ferris wheel and a number other exciting rides for all ages.

Gish Family at Ponypark Slagharen
Gish family at the Slagharen Pony Park, May 2000.

Below you can find some maps which should give one a better idea where this place Gouda is actually located. On the left is an overview of the European Continent, and the red star marks the location within the Netherlands (also known as Holland and the Lowlands) where Gouda is. On the right is a zoom in map showing where exactly within Gouda our new house is located, again at the red star.

Gouda, NL

Here you can see where Gouda is located, the red star marks the spot.
Gouda, close-up
This is a closer view of our house, notice how near the Reeuwijk lakes we live.
Me running:

The house is located close enough to the open country for a good run. Not that I am what you would call a great athlete. Two or three times a week I make it a point to head on out to the nearby flatlands for a good run. Not quite a marathon, not even half a marathon, but it is good enough for me. Anything for a nice break so that I can work up a good sweat, feel like I have accomplished something.

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Here I am running.
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