This is an adventure involving the search for the perfect colors.

Many professional and semi-professional web designers like myself struggle with the search for the ultimate harmonic colors. The Holy Grail winning combination of colors that provides the "perfect" backdrop for a homepage worthy of visitors worldwide. This page is a short description of the journey I made in trying to discover those perfectly matching colors.

In order to attack this problem in a structured way, let's start off with the color that appeals to me the most at this particular moment in time. This becomes the so-called fundamental color which is the starting point for this colorful weblog. I have labelled this color as number one, and here it is:

1 Blue   #3366CC


Using this simple yet profound color as my starting point, it is easy to calculate the color-wheel. This wheel defines the range of colors divided around the color spectrum in twelve evenly divided positions. Here is the color-wheel in the form of a square:

1 2 3 4
12 5
11 6
10 9 8 7


This means that there are a number of possible harmonic combinations which will be the most pleasing for the average human mind. Natural perception, intuition and so forth. According to scientific theory, we can define the following "natural" interactions of two or more colors:

1 7 Complementary
1 6 8 Split-Complementary
1 5 9 Triad
12 1 2 Analogous


This information is based on the color schemer online which I can recommend highly for anyone who wants to learn just a little bit more about the influence of colors in our lives. Here below you can see the various color combinations is action, the movement back and forth from one extreme to the other, giving the human mind an interesting perspective on the dynamics of colors and how they interplay with each other. Personally, I find this is a very pleasing effect on the eyes, what you might consider subconscious relaxation.


Is this near to the harmony of colors I had originally intended or is it a bit off base or is it completely wrong? Some people call it color scheming, others call it color therapy, some view it as an artistic endeavor, and still others appeal to the appearance of some invisible aura. I call it this: trying to get my blog to look nice enough that it does not scare everyone away before they have been able to get lost in my jungle of completely off the wall thoughts. It is up to you to decide the future and how I will have to deal with it in technicolor induced mental unawareness, if you know what I mean.


Another way to experiment with colors used on the web is to use the color wheel below. Just move your mouse over the image below and the background will be changed to the given color mix. The actual hexidecimal code representing the color is given below the image.

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