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This is Lennart Niels Gish.
Lennart (16) as he appears on his American passport.
This is Lennart Niels Gish.
Lennart (15) as he appears on his Dutch passport.

One day Lennart got up in the morning and he had turned into a hooligan. When I kept calling him a hooligan, this is what he decided to make:

Lennart the big bsd hooligan...

Sixteen years old:

When a young man turns sixteen it may seem like a momentous event, but for Lennart it was just another day in his life. While on his way to becoming the person he was always meant to be, Lennart continues his (somewhat) laid back existence making the best of life and enjoying things as they come. Sure he can now legally purchase alcohol and stay out all night going to discos (hey what can I say, this is Holland), but he is deeper than that, even if he does not want to let you know it. He is now keen on going to America next year to see in person what it is like to be a high school student for a year, bum around and get good grades and maybe even play on the baseball team. We will have to see what happens. Lennart is a great kid, and we are very proud of him.

Birthday cake, etc.
Birthday cake, etc.
Happy to be sixteen.
Happy to be sixteen.
Ready to open presents
Ready to open presents.
New headphones, cool!
New headphones, cool!
Lennart plays in the outfield
Braves retire end of inning.
Closeup of the film idol
Closeup of the nice guy.
Chatting behind the computer again
Chatting behind the computer again.
The big couch potato
The big couch potato.
US Passport picture
US Passport picture.

Here are a few areas on the Internet that Lennart is busy with and has built and managed himself:

Other stuff:

Here are a some pictures which have been collected over the years:

Lennart (15) school picture.

Lennart the fighter pilot.

Lennart in front of a WWII submarine.

Lennart and Sabien goofing off.

Lennart (14) school picture.
Lennart's fourteenth birthday.
Lennart's fourteenth birthday.
Lennart at the Blijdorp Zoo
Lennart at the Blijdorp Zoo.
Lennart again on his 14th birthday.
Lennart again on his 14th birthday.
Lennart sitting by the Lot river.
Lennart sitting by the Lot river.
Lennart driving the car
Lennart driving the car.

Lennart the beach comber, Valras Plage.

This is Lennart, behind the computer as usual.

Check out the other kids: Marlies, Sabien or Maarten.

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