The following text originally comes from an entry in my Blog. Later on I decided to transport it here to its very own web page, mainly because I found it was too long for a simple web diary. Also, I figured that the statements were so strong and meaningful that I would be better off dedicating it to a more central spot on my homepage. Life-changers seemed to me as good a name as possible. The events I have listed here were and still are indeed the most important things that changed my life. By putting it here, it can better be updated and extended as time sees fit. That is, when I am in the mood to make it even better and better. The list is far from complete, but it is good enough for now.

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Eye in the sky.

Everyone has experienced one or more events that have completely changed ones attitude about life. For myself there are a number of happenings, some major and some quite trivial, that have effected my way of thinking as well as my approach to the way I live. A slight jolt, an insight, or just plainly some loving words. Actually as I am such a sentimental person always drawing truth from past experiences, I can recount a myriad of such events. But for the sake of avoiding endless rambling and due to the natural limitations of space and time, I will only jot down the most important. Just so I will not bore away the last remaining fans that wait anxiously for my next entry in the ever-growing diary of mine. Okay, here they are in no particular order:


There is much more, but it is nearing midnight, time to go to bed. I will come back and continue this off another time, I hope. Perhaps this could be an interesting theme for yet another web page? We will see.

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