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This is Maarten Albert Gish.
This is Maarten -- YES!
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School picture 2003.

Maarten is lucky because there are many friends around his age who live in the same neighborhood. There is always activity outside and these young bucks can run around with endless and inexhaustible energy. In that regard this is an ideal place in which Maarten can grow up in a fun and healthy manner.

Maarten and his club of friends.
This is Maarten with his best friends: Sietse, Niels and Bas.
Making faces:

The great thing about Maarten is that he is still young and spontaneous and happy with most things in his life. He can be a real goofball and jokes around alot, acting weird but in a fun kind of way. The film below attest well to this fact, if you know what I mean.

Maarten goofing around and making funny faces.
Eight years old:
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School picture 2002.

No matter how old Maarten gets he will stay the youngest in the family. While we cherish him even more for this fact, he still gets older like anyone else. Here a just a few of the many pictures I took during that momentous event.

Maarten turns eight.

Nice presents.

Birthday cake.

Partying with his friends.

At the bowling alley.

Ready to throw a strike.
Maarten looking greedily for eggs.
Maarten looking greedily for eggs.

Sabien and Maarten are still buddies.

School picture 2003.

Maarten -- YES!
Seven years old:

Turning seven is a big moment for any child. Here below are a couple of pictures of that fine party as well as some other pictures taken about the same time. Just click on any of the pictures with the mouse to see the larger, original version.

Maarten's 7th birthday.

Maarten's 7th birthday.

Maarten's 7th birthday party.

Maarten' receives his swimming A-diploma.

Soon after he gets his swimming B-diploma.

Sabien and Maarten school picture 2002.

Maarten at the Valras Plage camping.
Six years old:

On October 22nd 2000, Maarten turned six. Can you believe it? He celebrated his birthday in typical six year old style as seen in the pictures below. Just click on any of the pictures with the mouse to see the larger, original version.

Maarten (6 yrs)
Maarten the "Sailor Boy"
Maarten (6 yrs)
Maarten and the gang of wild-and-crazy six year olds.
Maarten (6 yrs)
Maarten blows out the candles.

This is what Maarten told me personally to write, as he spoke. I translate his very words from Dutch to English:

"This is a nice drawing which I made for myself. It is called: 'Het Fietspad.' That is Dutch for 'The Bike Path.'"

Het Fietspad
Het fietspad.
Search for the monkey:

Can you find the monkey in this picture? If not then click the picture to find out for yourself!

Maarten the monkey
Where is the monkey?

Check out the other kids: Lennart, Marlies or Sabien.

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