Hello my name is Marlies, and my father has asked me to write something about myself.

My favorite color is purple, I like to eat gourmet, and for fun I chat alot on the computer. I do not read that much except for a Dutch magazine called "Break-out" which is for teenagers.

This is Marlies Yvette Gish.
Marlies (14) as she appears on her American passport.
This is Marlies Yvette Gish.
Marlies (13) as she appears on her Dutch passport.

School is okay, and my favorite subjects are math and art. I really like to draw pictures using either oil pastels or dry chalks. On the right you see an example of my artwork: click on it to see it better. I like to play field hockey. We practice every week on Monday and Wednesday, and on Saturdays we have a match against other teams. We are not the best, but we just like to play for fun. Most of the girls on my team are nice, but a couple think they are the best.

Nice drawing I made...

There is a picture below made last year (2001) on vacation in France in a place called Valras Plage. It was a fun vacation with very nice weather. Next summer we'll go with the whole family to America! I'm really looking forward to going there! I've never been there, but everyone says that it's nice in America and you can do lots of fun things there.

I also made a video of me sitting behind the computer:

This is Marlies moving.

I don't watch TV that much. I only like to look at good films (The Sixth Sense, Pearl Harbor, Harry Potter, Enemy at the Gates, American Pie, Scary Movie), and every day there is a Dutch soap on the TV called "Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden" (In English this means Good Times Bad Times) and I also look at that.

In the past I called my friends every day on the telephone for fun. But my parents didn't like that because we always had a very big telephone bill. Now we have MSN (something that we can chat on the computer) so now I can always chat instead of calling. (Of course, only if Kiffin's not busy on the computer with his web page).

This is Pipi

I always like to go into town (Gouda), for looking at new clothes, shoes or just for fun with my friends. It's really fun for everyone in town. There are many shops (of course they are little, but we almost only have little shops in Holland.) And if I'm in town I always eat French Fries or bread with herring, that's very delicious.

I really like animals, three years ago I rode horses, but I stopped with that. I also really like dogs, especially my neighbor-dog named: "Pipi" This is how he looks like:

School etc:

For school I had to make a website about a positive side of "Gouda" (The city where I live). I made it with two girls out of my class: Tamara and Josje. The positive side that we chose was all about nice clothes-stores and shoe-stores. It's all written in Dutch, but it's fun too look at the site anyway because there are a lot of photo's. Just click here.

Now I finally have summer vacation. Last year I was a "first-former". But next year I'll go to the 2nd class (junior high). Till now I had good grades, so I hope it will also go fine next year.

Now I'm going to tell you something about my friends at school. I mostly do things with Whitney, Suzanne and Jacqueline. They are in the same class as me. They don't live in Gouda, but in a little town next to it called "Reeuwijk." Here are some pictures of them:




Here is another picture of us, made on Whitney's birthday (we looked weird on it because we were dressed funny).

I also have another good friend: Susanne, that's not the Suzanne of my class, but another one. I have known Susanne since the elementary school. In the past I saw her every day, but now only sometimes. She also had a dog, a Bull Dog called Timo. He looked like a pig, but was also very cute. Here is a picture of Timo at Christmas, and a picture of Susanne and me when we were dressed like "Zwarte Pieten".

Zwarte pieten.


This summer I go (with the whole family) on vacation to America! I really look forward to it. First we will go to California and visit my grandma, and some other people of the family. And then after two weeks we go to Washington DC, to my two aunts: Martine and Kathleen. Then a week later my parents, sister and little brother will go home, and Lennart and I will stay in America for one week longer.

America, America, America etc:

On the 25th of August, I came back from my trip to America! I really had lots of fun. First we went to Grandma, in California: Monterey. We did really fun things like: 17-mile drive, Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk, a real American salad bar, and lots of more things. After one week we went for a few days to San Francisco, then I went to my grandma again.

After two weeks in California we went to my aunt Martine, and uncle Alan, there we did also fun things like: going to the swimming-pool, to Washington DC and we had a nice barbecue with also Kathleen and Bailey, we also made a puzzle! It was so difficult and addicted, but... it was kind of fun.

Three days later we went to Kathleen and Bailey. We had such a busy week; we did so many fun things! Then three days later Kiffin, Thea, Sabien and Maarten left, they went back to Holland. Lennart and I stayed in America for one week longer.

We went twice to a movie: Men in black II and Austin Powers III. We also went to Baltimore harbor, Annapolis, a Baseball-game of the Orioles and out for dinner! Then three days later we went to Martine and Alan's house.

There we also had fun busy days. We went to the Navy-swimming-pool, we ate at Burger King and Wendy's, we went go-carting and the day before we left we went to Washington DC to the Aerospace museum and an other museum with dinosaur bones.

Then the next day we left. :(

But after all I really have a good memory of my first vacation in America! Shortly:

I had a very GREAT time!!!

I really really missed my fun hobby: shopping! So the day after I arrived in Holland I went to town in Gouda. It was so fun to see the town of Gouda again. I saw lots of nice clothes and shoes. I Really like buying new clothes, but I can't buy everything from my mom's and dad's money. So I thought to myself: "Kathleen told me she was a babysitter when she was as old as me, so actually I can be that too!" We have lots of young children in the neighborhood, so I can do it!

Fourteen years old:

Fourteen is a great age to be, and as you can see in the pictures below, Marlies is enjoying herself in style. She is a true teenager with alot going for her, so watch out.

Happy to be fourteen.

Waiting patiently.

In front of the presents.

And the cake of course.

Suzanne, Jacqueline and Marlies.

Enjoying a fancy fondue dinner.

Jacqueline, Suzanne and Marlies.

Marlies and Suzanne.

Marlies cooking in the kitchen.

US passport picture.

Tooth that got yanked out.
Thirteen years old:

My cute little daughter becomes an official teenager, having reached the age of thirteen in no time flat. Yes she is growing up quickly, and she is becoming quite a fine young lady.

Marlies wakes up bright and early.

Marlies with all her presents.

Marlies shows all her gifts with a smile.
Marlies becomes a teenager at thirteen.
Marlies becomes a teenager at thirteen.
Marlies and her birthday cake.
Marlies and her birthday cake.
Marlies treats her friends with a fancy fondue.
Marlies treats her friends with a fancy fondue.
Marlies looks for Easter eggs also.
Marlies looks for Easter eggs also.

Marlies (13) school picture.

New Year's party beast.
Twelve years old:

On February 7th, Marlies turned twelve years old. She is almost a teenager, and certainly she and her friends act like a bunch of excited and crazy girls already. For her birthday party, they were taken to the nearby tropical swimming pool in Rotterdam called the Tropicana. They were in constant motion, laughing and giggling, gossiping, challenging, all the fun things girls do that age. Below are some pictures showing the grand occasion. Just click on any of the pictures with the mouse to see the larger, original version.

Marlies (12) school picture.
Marlies (12 yrs)
Marlies is ready to open all her presents.
Marlies (12 yrs)
At the swimming pool!
Marlies (12)
Girls going absolutely crazy in the water, splashing etc.
Marlies (12 yrs)
Tired after the swim, but still happy.
Marlies (12 yrs)
Made up and glamorous for school treats.
Marlies (12) - With Iris
Iris and Marlies, good friends.
Marlies (12) - With Iris
Marlies in front of the tent in Valras Plage.

Check out the other kids: Lennart, Sabien or Maarten.

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