Thea when I first met her
Thea Karssemeijer
When I first met her...

Carl G. Jung
Carl Jung
Knew the human mind like no man before...

Lillian Gish
Lillian Gish
A distant relative of mine...

The Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz
Fantasy which includes so many real life truths...

Horton hears a who
Fought against all odds for what he believed...

Neil Young
Neil Young
Hey hey my my...

Vladimir Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov
Mysterious and overly intellectual...

Chrissie Hynde
Chrissie Hynde
Give me a sense of purpose a real sense of purpose now...

No homepage worth its weight in salt would be complete without the necessary hodge-podge of random thoughts. That's what I am good at. The list below should give one a slightly better idea about what kind of person I am.

Who is this guy?
Just your regular down-to-earth kind of person who spends most of his time pursuing a pseudo-balanced life in the best of all perfect worlds.
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Everything we know is wrong
"I have drawn the conclusion that the fact of human alien contact at this time is probably the least understood...
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