This page is dedicated to my dear mother. She is the person who gave birth to me and spent a good portion of her life devoted to helping make me who I am today. And it worked.


On Mother's day Grandma decided to be adventurous and she flew down to visit Kathleen, Bailey and Clint in sunny San Diego. There she was treated to a never-to-be-forgotten champagne brunch at the Officer's Club by the ocean. Bailey and Kathleen were the best-looking couple there. Clint surprised Grandma and his Mom with flowers and a nice card. Grandma stayed for four days and met Clint's friends and fraternity brothers, fine young men. They live in an exotic beach house right next to the beach. Look at the happy foursome in the picture below:

Mom, Clint, Kathleen and Bailey in San Diego (MAY 2001)
Mom, Clint, Kathleen and Bailey in San Diego (May 2001).


Early this year, Mom decided to redo the interior of the house. After thirty years of shag carpet, dark walls, cold mornings, and drab yellow-and-olive outdated kitchen, the house has now been transformed into a light, sunny new place to live and prosper. Time to start a new life of fun and relaxation. The pictures below will give you a good impression of these wonderful improvements. The repainted kitchen and new floor looks really great, and look at how bright and homey the family room has become. Mom left the barbecue in place for when Kiffin comes to visit. Just click on any of the pictures below to enlarge.


Sitting room.

A favorite saying which ends all arguments comes from Grand-mère (my French grand-mother and my mom's mother) was often repeated to stop the fighting between her children. Short and to the point, but a perfect way to keep peace among mankind:

"Moins on en dit, mieux ça vaut." - - Grand-mère Beaucourt.
<strong>Moins en dit.</strong>

On the second day of her visit to Gouda at the end of May 2001, Mom is doing well as you can see in the following picture. We both sure look happy. This is the first time Mom has been back in 6 years, and boy the grandchildren have grown so quickly.

In front of a windmill next to the Vlist
In front of a windmill next to the Vlist.

Kiffin and Mom in front of the webcam
Kiffin and Mom in front of the webcam.

Here below are some more pictures. Just click on any of the thumbnails below to see the original sizes:

Mom + kids - Schoonhoven
Grandma and the grand-kids in Schoonhoven.
Mom__Maarten_-_nice_hats.jpg (19726 bytes)
Grandma and Maarten wearing funny hats.
Mom behind the computer.jpg (85966 bytes)
Looking for email (again).
Video evening with Grandma.jpg (96886 bytes)
Video evening was fun and relaxing.
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