On October 13th 2000, I returned quite unprepared to spend an unusual week in Monterey, California. I traveled back to the familiar surroundings of Gallant Fox Road, the place where I last lived before having left for Europe. While the reason for my hasty visit was not the most ideal (my father had an emergency operation -- he was dying of cancer), the week I was there became more than well worth all the despair and trouble. I do not think that within one single week I had ever been so much with my sisters, and got to know them intimately so much more intensely.

The squid!
The squid!


I really like this picture below of the three of us. We are smiling because we are happy to be together, but at the same time we are thinking about the previous week and the time coming up. Behind us, the Pacific Ocean continues to churn and splash on the rocks, as it has done for the last millions of years.

Martine, Kathleen and Kiffin in Pacific Grove
Martine, Kathleen and Kiffin in Pacific Grove.
Photo gallery:

The collection of pictures below were taken during the week, and I have chosen to display a subset which best represents the time we had. We look pretty happy to be together, but if you look closely, I think you can sense the sadness we were feeling, trying to hide it beneath those smile.

K+K+M - Gallant Fox.jpg (398602 bytes)
Kathleen, Martine and Kiffin.
K+K+M.jpg (459421 bytes)
Kathleen, Kiffin and Martine.
K+K+M+Mom.jpg (381453 bytes)
Mom and her three children.
Mom + Girls.jpg (452664 bytes)
Mom and the Girls.
Kathleen + Clint.jpg (77179 bytes)
Kathleen and Clint.
Martine.jpg (306052 bytes)
Close-up of Martine.
Kathleen + Starbucks.jpg (36940 bytes)
Kathleen the Starbuck addict.
Mom + Martine.jpg (311927 bytes)
Mom and Martine goofing around.
The house.jpg (567664 bytes)
The old homestead at 22650 Gallant Fox Rd.
Kiffin eating a hamburger.jpg (147050 bytes)
Kiffin eating a hamburger he grilled himself.
Kiffin + Pacific Ocean.jpg (628372 bytes)
Kiffin and the Pacific Ocean.
Kiffin + rental car.jpg (255032 bytes)
The rental car which brought us all over.
wpe72839.gif (62715 bytes)
The turtle Martine bought me as a souvenir.
Jeanine at her home - Oakland, CA.jpg (84591 bytes)
Jeanine at her home in Oakland.
Kiffin + Clint - Camera Store.jpg (100882 bytes)
Kiffin and Clint in the Camera Store.
KM_-_Pacific_Grove.jpg (327386 bytes)
Martine and Kiffin at the Pacific Grove beach.
Mom and I:

There are fewer things greater and mightier than the relationship between mother and son, as described throughout history and portrayed in the following picture.

Mom and I in the sunny backyard, taking a break
Mom and I in the sunny backyard, taking a break.
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