This is all about the power of positive thinking.


This book really changed my life for the better... Probably one of the most influential books by far that I have ever read in my life is "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993). I really did a double take when I first read this fine piece of literature, and upon finishing it I had to reread it immediately. This book describes how influential our own thought processes can be in creating the way we feel about our surroundings. The key is openness of mind and the ability to view the world around you in a positive manner. In the end there is no reason not to be happy except us.

Power of mind:

While the book was first published way back in 1952, most of the words of wisdom contained between the covers are more than relevant even today. What strikes the reader is the fact that we are the creators of our own thoughts, and it is the process of letting ourselves become affected by these thoughts which defines the way we feel. Of course, it is easy to preach that everyone should be happy and positive about everything, but that would be too easy. The truth of the matter is that while we do not need to attain some esoteric form of perfect happiness, the most important matter is first just shaking off this dusty wardrobe of negativeness.


One of the index cards... During a certain period of my life when I was feeling frustrated and unhappy with the events around me, I picked up this book again and started rereading it for the umpteenth time. I collected my favorite quotations included in the book in addition to other pieces that I just happened to come across and felt were relevant to my feelings at the time. Mostly inspirational stuff, but that is always how it goes during such dips when one aches for firmer footing. I took a pile of index cards I typed one quotation on each side. The idea was to bring this pile with me wherever I went, trying to read at least a couple cards each day. This helped me greatly, and that is why I would now like to share them with other.

Here below you will find a random quotation. In order to see another random one, just click on the button.


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For those kind folks who are interested, I have compiled all of the quotations above into a separate document. Please feel free to download it so that you can peruse through it at your own leisure and/or print it out for inspirational purposes. This is a small Word 2000 document (40 kb). Download it now.

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