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Kiffin Rex Gish
Name   :   Kiffin Rex Gish
Address   :   Bieslookgaarde 2
2803 RC Gouda
The Netherlands
Birthdate   :   October 11, 1957
Birthplace   :   Redding, California (USA)
Marital status   :   Married with four children
Email   :  
Homepage   :

To improve and enhance my technical as well as my project skills, tackle challenging and complex problems within an enthusiastic and dynamic team, and develop my own intellectual needs while coaching and instructing others. I thrive on achieving the near impossible.


Having worked for many years in a number of computer-related and telecommunications branches, I have been able to build my career upon a sound technical basis. I have also had the opportunity to foster this tendency by promoting team spirit within a working environment. Having lived some time in The Netherlands with experience in an international environment, I have been fortunate to utilize the advantages of my American roots to fit well within the European mind-set, familiar with both cultures on either side of the Atlantic, and using the best of both worlds.

sep 1983 - feb 1988 Vrije Universiteit Physics/Computer Sciences
Amsterdam, NL
GPA 3.5
sep 1975 - jun 1979 Stanford University Biology
Bachelor of Science
Palo Alto, California, USA
GPA 3.65
sep 1971 - jun 1975 Salinas High School High School
High school diploma
Salinas, California, USA
GPA 3.9
Work experience:

GishTeq, Gouda

oct 2002 - now   Founder and Principal E-business Consultant

As owner and principal consultant of my own company called GishTeq, I have been providing independent consulting services to companies developing and deploying e-business solutions. Services include project management, web site analytics, business process improvement, as well as web design, implementation and deployment. All the services focus on leveraging the strengths of the best of all possible web products in order to maximize the effectiveness of the customer tailor-made solutions. Customers are middle to large organizations who sell and/or promote services and products through e-business, e.g. Internet and/or Intranet.

IQUIP Informatica BV (Sogeti), Reeuwijk

sep 2001 - sep 2002   Senior E-business Management Consultant

Responsible for general consultation at IT-companies in The Hague and Rotterdam areas, focusing mainly on E-business with expertise in wireless telecom, mobile applications and back office integration. Served as project manager for the tracking and oversight of various I-mode Services activities at a major Dutch mobile telecom operator. Reviewed and analyzed the eTOM (Telecom Operator Map) business process model to see if this standard framework could be used for customers in the business of service providers, eg. telecom, utilities and other communication and information companies. For more information, see the Telemanagement Forum. Restarted and gave new life to a telecom interest group in order to assess the current situation and prepare a roadmap for the future. Other activities included commercial assistance for presentations, definition of a eTOM service portfolio, support for a Visual Basic Training as well as creation of "blended" self-study modules for the learning institute, and the design and maintenance of the Telecom Knowledge Group intranet site. Conducted work in Bid management for processing and completing Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP).

CMG Telecom Products, Utrecht

nov 2000 - aug 2001   Project Manager Partner Program

As overall coordinator and main driving force, I am responsible for the definition, implementation and successful completion of the global (content) partner program, whose goal is to strengthen CMG's position in the business of wireless end-user services. Based on business development research, a number of companies have been selected to participate, based on their core technical as well as business competence. Through a certification process, the objective is to assist customers like mobile operators, Internet and Application Service Providers as well as large enterprises with the creation of business solutions. By building up relations with third parties, and pulling all relevant wireless services together, the mobile operators benefit from an integrated service portfolio. This international project consists of ten qualified consultants of various ages and skills from a number of departments. Through the successful creation of a global partnering framework, the project is already expanding beyond the initial WAP Service Broker product to include the other telecom products like the Short Message Service Center, Cell Broadcast Center and Mobile Email. For more information please read the Factsheet (requires Acrobat Reader).

nov 1999 - oct 2000   Management Project Office

Responsible for the implementation of the Management Project Office (MPO) within the development department, covering all phases from Plan of Approach, to implementation and acceptance. Was responsible for the international roll out to other companies in Ireland, USA and The Netherlands. The goal was to set up a uniform, self-contained project office infrastructure for tracking and oversight, management reporting structure and a historical database. Based on the advanced planning tool Project Scheduler 7 (PS7). I also designed and implemented a time-registration interface between an Oracle database and the planning tool PS7, using Visual Basic 6.0 and ODBC (ADO component). Used MS-Access extensively for the definition and support of a historical database, metrics and resource management. Our team was successful in creating a support structure for the training, coaching and general trouble-shooting of (junior) project leaders and their team members. My extra activities included being editor of the company newsletter and initiator/organizer of "Food-for-Thought," an informal lunch-time lectures series between Telecom departments and companies both within and outside CMG.

dec 1998 - oct 1999   Team Manager

Managed the Value Added Services Platform (VASP) maintenance team of 23 internal consultants and subcontractors. Man management tasks included regular job controls and yearly reviews, coaching and training, as well as career planning issues. I was an active participant of the weekly management meetings, including personnel rankings and policy making. Also took part in recruitment activities. Staff training involved organizing technical workshops with external third parties, and running the CMG Telecom Academy together with our business partner Global Knowledge Networks, which was a specific 3-month training program for recent graduate students and joiners unfamiliar with Telecom.

jun 1997 - nov 1998   Project Leader

Was responsible for a team of 5 developers designing, implementing and testing components for the Value Added Services Platform (VASP) under UNIX with an installed base worldwide for major Telecom operators. Supported applications for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems using Amarex Voice-Mail service APIs. Successfully completed a major one-year 'Unified Messaging' project with Ericsson for their Intelligent Network interface (NIP), culminating in a successful three-week acceptance program at their test facility in Karlskrona, Sweden. Expertise in UNIX and C, MS Project, System Architect and INAP protocol API using Ericsson's Portable SS7 stack.

RAM Mobile Data, Maarssenbroek

may 1994 - may 1997   Project Manager

Provided technical support and consultancy of mobile telecommunications at various customer sites in the transport, public services and e-mail market segments. Gave advice and supervision during development of third-party applications, mainly for the expansion of existing networks and client/server systems to a (Mobitex) wireless environment. Acquired knowledge of communication software using C/C++ APIs for UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows and Visual Basic. Expertise was in the analysis and optimization of network connections, e.g. packet-switching networks and modern telecommunication protocols. Did trouble-shooting of X.25, TCP/IP, AT, gateways and client/server architectures, especially under UNIX and Windows. Supervised the testing and analysis of software with the objective of successful certification of communication products for Mobitex.

Uniface BV (Compuware), Amsterdam

jan 1993 - apr 1994   Team Leader

Was responsible for the administration and supervision of progress within the Desktop Group development department. Scheduled and monitored all project activities using planning tool MS Project. Reviewed the quality control of deliverables according to internal requirements. Fostered the contacts between departments and external customers. Did management and supervision of software programmers across a number of GUI platforms. Lead and inspired the developers via weekly meetings and bi-yearly evaluation reports. Ordered and regulated the necessary hard- and software. Expertise was in (protected mode) MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 Presentation Manager, Motif, OpenLook, C and Assembler. Also provided technical support, bug fixing and Uniface enhancement work, and I was fellow-designer and developer of the OS/2 2.x GUI driver ported under the Workplace Shell.

apr 1992 - dec 1992   Software Engineer

Did customer support and handled problem reports for a wide range of software problems, and if requested, implemented enhancements and customer wishes to the existing Uniface 3GL engine. Followed maintenance of current code-lines and the specified improvements via code walk-throughs. Specialized in MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 PM, C and Assembler. Ported various TCP/IP and database drivers for Windows and MS-DOS, including low-level debugging of Windows and (DOS extender) protected-mode driver DLLs. Gradually grew into a junior project leader and developer for porting the Windows GUI driver to OS/2 PM.

Philips Telecommunication and Information Systems, Den Haag

mar 1988 - may 1992   System Engineer

Did application design, programming and testing, drafting, and analyzing system requirements. Designed information systems in cooperation with customers, acceptance tests and user system documentation. Was member of Electric Paper Facility team under the Megadoc Project, specializing in the analysis and development of image processing and text viewing applications and DLLs. Using the UNIX utilities LEX and YACC, implemented an MS-DOS redirector via NETBIOS. Designed and developed a compiler for Remote Procedure Calling (RPC), a device driver SCSI controller for WORM disk drives, and an Optical Media Manager for administering and controlling Optical Disk Jukeboxes. Expertise was in UNIX, C and C++, and Fortran, VAX/VMS, Assembler MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 PM.

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

sep 1983 - feb 1988   Student

Specialized in the translation of theory into numerical analysis using self-developed simulation programs. Graduated with a Physics diploma, specializing in computer sciences in the Astrophysics department. My thesis covered 'ray-tracing' techniques in order to simulate the light-scattering properties of atmospheric particles. Programmed on a VAX 11/750 under UNIX, using Pascal, C and Fortran.


Enjoy reading good fiction (as well as psychology, history, philosophy and computer books), playing golf, watching the film classics, listening to (modern) classical music as well as rock-and-roll and country, programming for fun, jogging and inline skating, bicycling and camping, and sometimes getting carried away playing on my personal computer into the wee hours of the morning. I have been captivated by the latest improvements of Internet technology. Under the delusion that someday I will become a future-famous web designer, I work late evening hours for fun trying to make my homepage and my weblog even better. Also I am a volunteer reviewer for The Weblog Review.

As a self-taught web designer, I have acquired good knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CGI and Perl, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1-2), DHTML, some simple Flash (using Swish) and XML. I can confidently say that I have mastered a number of web design aspects using a various technologies and techniques. See my toolbox for more information.


English is my native tongue; my Dutch is fairly fluent, and I can get along with a little French if necessary.


For a printable Word 2000 version of this web page, please feel free to download this resumé (doc 58 kb) for your own perusal.

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