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This is Sabien Alexandra Gish.
This is Sabien -- YES!
Eleven years old:
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School picture 2003.

The great thing about Sabien is that as she grows older she is developing this generous and down-to-earth attitude, becoming more confident and sure about herself. She is reading more and more, doing just fine at school, and she has alot of friends. In addition, she is becoming quite the sportive young lady with her field hockey, ice-skating, street soccer, etc. Such a likable little girl who is growing up fast.

So happy at age eleven.

Close-up of the birthday girl.

Blowing out the candles.

The disco was a blast.

Near the end everyone danced.

School picture 2003.

Sabien and Lennart (goofing off).

Sabien -- YES!
Ten years old:
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School picture 2002.

Time sure flies by when you are growing up. When Sabien turned ten years old on January 5th 2002, she started feeling like a real grown-up. Below find below a number of pictures of her birthday, as well as some miscellaneous stuff taken around the same period. Just click on any of the pictures with the mouse to see the larger, original version.

Sabien's 10th birthday.

Sabien and her field-hockey team.

Look at all of the presents she got.

Sabien admires her field hockey stick.

Sabien and all her friends.

Ready to blow out the candles.

Climbing lessons in Zoetermeer.

Sabien can sure climb.

Sabien and Maarten are still buddies.
Sabien is an Easter girl.
Sabien is an Easter girl.

Sabien in front of fireplace.

Sabien at the Valras Plage camping.
Nine years old:

On January 5th 2001, it was Sabien whose turn it was to celebrate, already her ninth Sabien year. Below are some pictures showing the grand occasion. Just click on any of the pictures with the mouse to see the larger, original version.

Sabien (9)
Ready to blow out all the candles.
Sabien (9)
Can't wait to open the presents.
Sabien (9)
Wild and crazy party-goers.

Check out the other kids: Lennart, Marlies or Maarten.

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