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I used to work for a company called Sogeti Nederland BV. This is the new name of IQUIP Informatica when it fused with the companies G&D and Twinsoft. My official title was management consultant and I had been working at Sogeti since September 2001 for one year exactly. This is a Dutch company which was founded in 1972. The fact that it has survived so long and made it through stormy periods is a good and healthy sign. During my one year of employment, I worked there with pleasure and enjoyed becoming familiar with other colleagues. At the time, there were around 1600 employees, mostly of which were on assignment at customer sites for projects in Information Technology. There are also offices in Germany and Belgium. In the short-term Sogeti is seriously considering expanding to other European countries, and in the long-term using England as a spring-board to the American Continent. Or so they claimed about a year ago.

Sogeti Nederland BV

What I especially liked about Sogeti was the people that work there, the down-to-earth way of getting things done, and the attention to personal development and (evening) training programs. My impression was that the people there were more creative in the way they work together closely to tackle mutual problems. There was expertise on a technical level but this was always combined nicely with a business-minded approach.

Kiffin's new business card.
Kiffin's old (IQUIP) business card.

I have been busying my time trying to get something going in the world of telecom, but at the moment this is not going so well. My expertise is in the area of mobile telecommunications, and preferably it would be nice to find some challenging activity in that area. But I can also accept that I can do other things, as long as my preferences are taken into account. At the time, I believed that Sogeti could offer me this possibility. I had a pretty good unit manager (my boss) who gave me alot of freedom in discovering my way around the company. However, he balanced this flexibility by reminding me regularly to find myself a worthy assignment and/or project somewhere in order to generate revenue for the company. That is in the end the driving force behind all companies of this nature where landing lucrative project assignments at external customer sites is paramount.

For awhile I reviewed and analyzed the eTOM Business Process Model to see if this framework could be used for the customers in the business of service providers, e.g. telecom, utilities and other communication and information companies. For more information, see the Telemanagement Forum. I also helped start from scratch a Telecom group to assess the current situation and prepare for the future. We had a couple of gatherings and it was alot of fun sharing ideas in a casual and pseudo-academic atmosphere.

Main activities:

So finally here is a summary of the activities (for those of you who can understand Dutch) which I was busy doing:

  1. Expertise portfolio eTOM Business Process Framework, research and analysis.
  2. Bid management for processing and completing Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP).
  3. Commercial assistance concerning technical presentations and offers.
  4. Presentation Sogeti Service Portfolio on CD (CD-PIP), content etc.
  5. Visual Basic Training modules for "blended-learning" concept Sogeti Academie.
  6. Telecom Corner on eLab Intranet site and the Telecom Knowledge Group (Telecommunity).
Ideal situation:

My ideal situation back then was to be able to combine the eTOM activities with a hard-core and lucrative assignment at some rich customer. I think I was making progress in that regard, but it just took too long. As member of the eTOM Workgroup which had a weekly teleconference call I was becoming more and more actively involved. I decided to stick my neck out and guide the CRM discussions as team-leader. Although I was definitely no expert, I felt pretty confident I fostered teamwork and initiated good progress.


If you are interested in more details about this fine company called Sogeti or just plainly curious about the new and exciting activities in which I was involved, I can recommend checking out the company website.

See you later

Unfortunately life can sometimes be unpredictable. Because of the worsening economic situation, especially in the telecom market areas, the company was forced to lay off many employees. As the roll of the dice eventually decided, I too was one of the unlucky folks who had to go. In the end, despite the difficult decisions that had to be made, our paths separated in a gentlemanly way. Time for me to move on and find something better.

Since I left, I have decided to start my own private business called GishTeq. Using my extensive experience, knowledge and other skills, I now like to refer to myself as an independant advisor. As founder of this fine company, my official title is principal senior consultant e-business, providing professional independent consulting services to companies developing and deploying e-business solutions. So far it has been going off really well.

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