This is the "official" Cyber-Gish webcam view page (thanks to ConquerCam).

Video fun:

This is my Logitech QuickCam Pro... A while back I decided to splurge by purchasing what at the time was a fancy (and expensive) webcam. I played around a bit and after awhile got pretty bored. A worthless item and once again I had been brainwashed by my fixation with technology, etc.

Little did I then realize how much fun it could be having a webcam...

You can secretly or openly view firsthand the life and times of Bieslookgaarde 2 (which is where I currently reside). And all that absolutely live through the evil eye of my Logitech web camera. Neat. Whenever my computer is turned on over here in Gouda, my web camera will be fired up to take a picture about every minute. If all goes well, these snapshots should be automatically uploaded to this page you are now looking at. Of course, this refresh will only occur when my computer (and the web cam) is turned on. Otherwise the last picture taken will appear and stay that way until someone logs on to the Internet again.

www.lockergnome.comHey, are you coming from the famous Lockergnome webcam page? I have noticed alot of visitors coming from this fine site. Welcome to all of you fine Gnomies! Please feel free to sign my guestbook and tell me what you think about my "honorable" homepage.
Slide show:

This is where you can view the most recent pictures snapped by my webcam and placed in reverse chronological order. Below you will see the last picture zoomed at the top and underneath it all of the thumbnails. You can either click on each of the individual thumbnails and they will appear at the top, or you can press the start button to initiate the wonderful slide show. When you are bored you can turn it off by clicking again on the stop button.

Spy console:

Okay so I want to impress everyone by doing something fancy, eg. a webcam console. This means that a separate small window will be opened up in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. This small window is the webcam console and it will be updated just like this page. Except now you can continue navigating around the Cyber-Gish site or even click your way elsewhere. The webcam console stays in place and provides you the visitor a unique view into the life on Bieslookgaarde 2. Give it a go.

Watch me move:

Have you ever wanted to watch Kiffin moving around behind his computer? Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? Well, all you have to do now is just click the word play below and I will be happy to present myself to you (sorry, no sound).

Watch Kiffin move.

You can also have a look at other interesting movie fragments I have created by clicking on one of the following links:


You might want to try these fantastic tricks out yourself. I discovered the required software via the Netbloke (Nathan Allan) website where the fine multimedia program called ConquerCam is also used there for capturing and uploading pictures. And it only cost me ten bucks, believe it or not.

This product is truly amazing and does everything you would want to improve your site. Within ten minutes I had it up and running. Once when I had a minor problem, the author Peter Theill was kind enough to email me back an answer within five minutes -- on a Sunday morning. Great stuff which keeps us Internet believers on our toes and excited that there are some normal real-live folks out there just like us.

If you have an older browser which does not support JavaScript, then the page will not automatically be refreshed like it is supposed to. You will have to click the Refresh-button which is just below the picture in order to see the latest picture. In the meantime, be sure to upgrade your "ancient" browser in order to enjoy the Internet to its fullest.

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