Really great time:
Kevin reading a book
Kevin sitting in his reading chair, perusing through some complex and difficult piece of literature.

While in Switzerland we stayed at the Kearney's and they treated us very well. . We had a really great time at the Kearneys who we decided to visit after all these years. In total no less than 8 enfants and 4 adultes. We visited the Chateau de Chillon, the Aquaparc swimming pool, and we hiked up to see Mont Blanc close-up along with all those wild animals. The sauna and Jacuzzi were also wild in the evenings. They live in a nice area, have a fine home and treated us to lots of fun. It is always nice to see old friends, talk again about the past and catch up on lost time.

Gertrude and Thea
Gertrude and Thea, when we brought the kids to the local swimming pool.

Kevin and I would have liked to reminisce more and philosophize about the meaning of life, but there were too many kids running around making such mental endeavors everything but possible. Oh well, that didn't matter. The most important thing was doing various activities together, and just joking around. Kevin wanted to go running one morning with me, but I had a blister. On Monday, it was time to say farewell, and Kevin had to go back to work anyway. We all left together and waved, wondering when we would be seeing each other again. Time sure flies by...

Kearnii and Gishii:

Here we all are in front of Mont Blanc in France. From left to right: Kevin, Nicki, Lisa, Katie, Gertrude, Christopher, Maarten, Kiffin, Marlies, Sabien, Thea and Lennart...


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Kevin and I have kept in touch pretty well since the Stanford days, more than half our lifetimes ago. As it turns out, we ended up living on the same continent, and also ended up both marrying European women. Our paths seem to cross every once in a while and it is interesting to catch up on lost time. We are still friends after all these years. Check out the pictures below and see if you can spot any differences. Try and guess who is getting balder more quickly.

Before (1978) ...
Junior Goofballs
...the junior goofballs.
...After (2000)
Senior Goofballs
...the senior goofballs.
Young, skinny with lots of hair:

A couple of interesting pictures taken on New Years Eve way back in 1983 when we were "young, skinny, with lots of hair" as Kevin says:

Time to get out the submachine guns...
Studying on the same continent together...
Journal quotes:

Back in the good old days, I used to write in my journal regularly. I even let Kevin write in it once, and he tried to produce a combination comical-philosophical entry to make me chuckle. One day Kevin got up enough courage, and he allowed me to pen some words of wisdom in his journal. The amazing part is that he saved them to this very day. Below you will find a selection of pages that Kevin copied for me. They are pretty dang funny I must admit, but for the average reader they probably do not make that much sense at all. To think that even back then Kevin and I were such grand future philosopher poets (and we still are). Click on any of the thumbnails below for some late night entertainment:

Before the big event
Before the big event.
I'm boiling!
I'm boiling!
The airport, huh?!
The airport, huh?!
No more grubby traveller for me!
No more grubby traveller for me!
A good-bye poem:
- - A Goodbye Poem - -

Adieu Baum und Gert
I must return to my
Wife and future Rex
(Who is only one and a half centimeters long).

- Berrg (20-10-86)
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