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Monday / January 21st / 2002
Invisible meaning hits true...

Normally I really hate getting junk emails all the time. It seems to be getting worse and worse lately. I am of the opinion that the perpetuators of this heinous Internet crime deserve the worst punishment imaginable. However, once in awhile a real gem comes through and makes me stop and think. What is the real message behind the advertisement? What does this symbolize regarding who I am and what I want to be. That is why I am including parts of a junk email advertisement I received this morning. For analysis. Check out the following:


Would you like to do something about your back pain besides just living with it or taking drugs? And how about getting a pillow that can take pressure off your arm or sensitive joints, protect wounds, and is perfect for "side sleepers"?

A Self Acupressure/Massage Device called SpineAlinePRO™ and a therapeutic pillow called TherArc™ in the shape of an arch!

SpineAlinePRO™ is 10 by 13 inches and weighs just under four pounds. There are two small wheels close together at one end of the device - they're for working on your neck, the acupoints at the base of the skull, and the muscles closest to the spine.

In the main body, six wider wheels treat groups of acupoints, the four main spinal acupressure meridians, and the muscles directly associated with them. The wheels
are a special soft black urethane, the black shafts and blue frame are solid ABS plastic. Our device is so versatile and portable you can use it sitting up, leaning
against a wall, sitting down, lying on it, or someone else can use it on you.

So what is the secret meaning of all this you may ask? Most normal people (without back pains, that is) would not hesitate a millisecond before deleting such a useless message from their mailbox. Not me.

Back pain and sore muscles have little if not absolutely nothing to do with your physical condition. The origin of tenseness is purely mental, something the human mind fabricates in order to give itself the illusion that it is accomplishing something in a world that expects it. Acupoints.

SpineAlinePRO™. Nice name for a wonderful product. Take a look at that name more closely. Rearrange the words and you get: Aline, PRO, Spine. Mix up each individual word and you get: inAle, ORP, niSep. See anything interesting? Look more closely, meditate on that combination of sounds, hit true to those separate acupoints that come together and intertwine like pages of connect-the-point coloring books. Long enough and in silence. And then all of a sudden you will figure it all out, all of it, what it really means. The world is NOT what it seems.

Still fed up with all that SPAM despite this inspirational blog entry of mine? Then you might want to check out the Spam Fighter's Toolkit.

~ Posted at 09:30 AM | Mind and matter
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