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Saturday / November 9th / 2002
Cold sweat...

No less than three times I woke up with an intense cold sweat in the middle of the night. Not your usual cold sweat, but I was "completely" drenched from head to toe, including my clothes and the sheets. Made my skin all clammy. Very strange experience and one which confuses you the moment you wake up (again) trying to figure things out. My pajama shirt felt like a cold dry rag, and not only did I have to put on a clean dry one, but I also had to walk around the house to try to shake off whatever demons had been haunting me in my sleep. Not true that night sweats only occur to aging women going through menopause, unless I am reliving a previous life as a female in some distant time and place. That could very well be. It is sometimes said that these intense sweating episodes could be related to the neurotransmitter called serotonin, either the release of too much, the inefficient re-uptake mechanisms or a combination of the two. Could even be triggered by an emotional imbalance rising in the depths of the dream world where things are often more real and less repressed than in the real world. Doesn't serotonin also have something to do with depression? That might be. I have not experienced this nocturnal sweating stuff for quite some time now. The last time I think was when I first met Thea and started living in Holland. Not the easiest of times. Back then weeks on end drenching my sleeping attire, the bed and my mind. Night after night. I wonder what causes it. When I wake up, I cannot for the life of me remember what I was dreaming. Something frightening? No I think not. Just an overly frustrating dream with some aggravating twist which I cannot control and have to learn to accept as if that were ever possible.

~ Posted at 07:02 AM | Dreams
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Sorry Kiffin, I can't sleep but its either my fault of my wife's (snoring). Hope you get over the Cold Sweats. pd

- Posted by Pat at November 9, 2002 07:40 AM

Hey, My name is Jessica. And i am only 16
yrs old,my problem is getting worst as time
progresses. For some reason now i get really
bad cold sweats at night and im drenched.
Actually i just woke up after one as i am
sitting here. I dont know what the cause is
but i had a tramatic thing happened to me
and that is when they started. Do you think
re-occuring dreams of death and other sort
of things is the reason?

- Posted by Jessica at August 23, 2003 12:19 PM

Sorry Jessica, but I do not think I know the real cause of cold sweats. Certainly bad dreams can trigger it to happen. You mentioned that you once had a traumatic experience. Well, this could contribute to the cold sweats, but I am not sure. Dreams about death are not uncommon, so I would not get upset about them -- dreams are often symbolic messages which have little to do with the obvious events in the dream.

- Posted by Kiffin at August 23, 2003 12:32 PM

I am having this cold sweat last three weeks. I had a bad influenza with high fever two weeks ago. At 2-3 AM my temperature was about 102-103 F but suddenly at 4-5 AM with a cold sweat (like a complete bath) fever goes away. I took Motrin and antibiotic as per my doctor. But now I don’t have any Flu or any fever but I am still getting up at 3 AM with a cold sweat. I asked my doctor what could I do about it? He said, “ I don’t know.....” I didn’t ask him any more. I have very little faith in doctors, most of the time they don’t listen to you or pay any attention. I guess one should do research by his/her own and find the cure. That’s why I found this website while doing my “cold sweat research”. Interestingly I found this website has the solution for “cold sweat” which kind of convinced me but when it comes to buy some product I just don’t know. I will keep on doing my “cold sweat” research. Thank you for reading.

- Posted by Shahid at December 10, 2004 07:27 AM

I also have these cold sweats. I wake up at least two to three times a night. I've been having them for about 3 weeks now and you just never get used to it. I think it is a combination of stress and stress related dreams. Although Im not a docter in my experience that seems to be the case. I remember almost every dream I've had when I wake up in "Cold Sweat" and not all of them have been bad. However they did all have very stressful experiences packed in them. It real is annoying.

- Posted by Ryan at February 2, 2005 05:45 PM

I also have suffered from night sweats for many years. Especially after my five pregnancies. I did not fall in any of the categories that the medical establishment would say were at risk for night sweats. Turns out I had a systemic candida infection which was causing the Night Sweats. I started using a product called ThreeLac and the sweats were gone in a few weeks.

My night sweats were not as severe as yours, but you may want to look into systemic yeast infections.


- Posted by Leanne Felzien at February 23, 2005 06:17 AM

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