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Wednesday / October 29th / 2003
Googled to death...

Yesterday for the heck of it I enabled Google Search tracking on my web log. That means that everytime someone uses Google to search for a given word or phrase and they end up landing somewhere on my web log, I record the event.

Believe it or not, within 24 hours I had already amassed an amazing 138 searches on my blog originating from Google!

Here is a sampling of the most popular phrases, a snapshot of the last twenty-four hours of distant unknowing clicks:

technology gap
kiffin rockwell
life in holland
revenge junk email
cold sweats at night
meaning behind the word poppy cock
bhagavan map
how to kill aim spam bot
big toe cracking joint
duck umbrella handle
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mp3
line height
summary of eva luna
jung quotations anima
7 june 2003 meaning horoscope
download "swish file"
og mandino god manifesto
bloggers forum
"pictures of catherine de' medici"
death from holding in a sneeze
american bbq
philosophy and poetry
maslov pyramid needs
maslow's pyramid
5 ways to increase visibility of a shoe brand
maslow pyramid
beards itch
night sweat
category of computers
october 25, 2003 horoscope
north carolina+report info+history
how to calculate churn
redhead french curley
website scraping script
niel armstrong\
hips guestbook entry 2003
overcoming mumbling
scared of dying forum
horoscope for october 27, 2003
trillian spell checker dutch
"first memory"
print a dataview in a web form
technical talk gibberish text
the art of growing a beard
niel armstrong +death
2003 bookkeeping guestbook
clack swishmax
maslov pyramid of needs
"under the microscope" +phrases
"crack knuckles" myth
spell checker for trillian plugin
feynmann quote sake of clarity
swishmax field
venco bath
"love in her eyes" "to california" "big jet plane" meaning
pop crack pain joints knuckles
sb live dell dimension 4400
how to stop grinding teeth
human needs hierarchy pyramid "maslov"
california coastline
scraping windows google
bare foot music
how to talk to ghosts?
2003 waken email directory
james wright "milkweed"
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- definition
clammy nose
why is my jaw constantly cracking in and out of place?
what is sixty-nine?
bikinis for boys
live through a polaroid
'maslov pyramid picture'
locked in syndrome
2003 guestbook of partnership
how to get rid of smelly farts
pop knuckles fingers big
'maslov pyramid'
grrl radio
quotations- high fidelity
jungle of nool
aim color combinations
how do i stop my washing machine from vibrating?
spam bot
msn emotions
duck umbrella
dcr-trv19e review
2003 email contacts of guestbook worldwide
communication breakdown
javascript +hi lo game +jbuilder
real player cracked
ik zie een poort wijd open staan
grinding teeth at night
should i crack my neck and knuckles
maslov shelter food

I find the resulting list quite enlightening for some reason, although some people might consider it pure randomness and/or trivial data-mining. But for me it is entertaining enough, that I will actually dedicate a whole blog entry to it.

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i know the feeling. ive got two posts on my blog dedicated to this sort of thing.

- Posted by Monkey at October 30, 2003 12:03 PM

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