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Tuesday / July 6th / 2004
Quality time with the kids...

So you figure that this afternoon you would surprise everyone and come home extra early in order to spend some more quality time with the four kids.

You have been working so hard lately that they have not seen you very much the last couple of weeks. That's a shame. Why not give them a pleasant surprise? You walk in the front door, greet everyone with a loud fatherly yell of delight, and stare into emptiness.

Where is everyone?

One is upstairs chatting away endlessly on the computer with ten other kids simultaneously. The youngest is glued to the television watching that yellow sponge Bob bounce up and down under water with bubbles coming out of his mouth. The oldest has just dashed out the door with an overdose of after shave saying he is going to town to hang out with his friends. Finally then, the last one complains and cusses because you told her to be home by eleven thirty, and she runs off anyway saying she has had enough with such lousy parents and is finally moving out for good (see you later also).

Well, there goes your evening.

Or better yet, now you can have fun and relax and enjoy life just like you have always been hoping for way back in the so-called good old days, when the kids were small and crying and needing so much attention.

Congratulations, you've finally got it made.

~ Posted at 10:03 PM | Family and friends
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Awww...I feel your misery. I know deep down you must be frantic with the thought of not being "needed". Feeling the pangs of a quickly approaching empty nest??? LOL

Don't party too hard! hehehe

- Posted by Swt GA HunnyB at July 7, 2004 04:26 PM

Misery? Was I implying misery? Actually it is all part of the job called parenthood, the trick being to see things in a different more positive light, chuckling about it all. Otherwise you won't survive past the first week.

- Posted by Kiffin at July 7, 2004 10:03 PM

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