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Sunday / August 15th / 2004
Reprogramming reality...

About ten months ago they decided to rearrange the television channels and radio stations on the cable.

Configuring and re-tuning all of the televisions, radios and video recorders to work again is a real pain. So you can imagine why I have been procrastinating this for many months.

Most appartussesAbout ten months ago they decided to rearrange all of the television channels and radio stations on the cable network.

Configuring and retuning all of the televisions, radios and video recorders to work again is a real pain. So you can imagine why I have been procrastinating this for many, many months. Such a task is something one does not like to do during the weekend.

Most of our apparatuses do channel selection via the cable automatically by selecting the correct item in the menu and pressing the ok-button. While after this action all of the stations are present, they are unfortunately not in the correct order.

Nederland 1 is located on channel twenty-eight, channel two is Deutsche Welle, SBS 6 is located on channel thirty-three, and the fish tank (meaning that station is reserved for future use) appears about five times. Things are completely mixed up.

Each apparatus has its own so-called standard way to accomplish this, but each device is not compatible with the other.

This means that in the end I manually have to run by the stations one by one and choose which channel that is supposed to be. Each user instructions manual has to be studied carefully, and a slightly different procedure must be followed for each television, radio, etc.

Even the video recorders have to be reprogrammed, because their selections must match the television to which they are connected. Otherwise if one wishes to record As The World Turns, the video will only show a blue screen and Marlies will be very upset she missed an important episode.

We are a typical modern family of two parents and four kids, and we own: four televisions, one video recorder, one dvd recorder, and several radios.

At last every audio-visual device in our house has been synchronized. For easy reference I printed out a table listing the programmed television and radio stations.

Glad that that is over and done with. I will use the remaining half-day of this weekend to relax and prepare myself for the upcoming work week.

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"The general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that reestablishes...the total psychic equilibrium..."  - - Carl G. Jung, Man and his Symbols.
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