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Even bigger news I guess is that I have finally decided to become even more famous by registering my very own personal domain name: It is now official, folks. Everyone else is doing it, so why not me too? Looked around and found a good web hosting service called A+ Hosting. I picked the perfect name for the site, I believe, and I plan to make this site better and better. Always trying to make things better. Do some interesting experimentation with the new technology at my finger-tips. Here is an excerpt from the testimonial page I recently wrote for them:

"What I really like about A+ Hosting is that while it offers many advanced features for state-of-the-art websites, the basic needs of your average homepage designer like myself are supported with a standard portfolio of services. I went for the A+ Eternal account for a lifetime of hassle free hosting, and boy am I happy I did! My site was up and running in no time, and it has never been down since I can remember. Perhaps what makes A+ Hosting really shine is their prompt and professional service. If you have a question about anything, are inquiring about a feature, need a new Perl Module, or just want some down-to-earth personal advice, send a simple email to technical support. In no time you will receive a response, sometimes within ten minutes! Whenever someone I know is looking for a good web host, I never hesitate one second to recommend A+ Hosting as the one and only place to try."

If you feel ever so inclined, the just email a note for improvements and suggestions at: .


I signed up for a lifetime subscription for $169 which includes a yearly fee of $25. There are many account features which appealed to me, the most important being:


The service has been fantastic up to now and rarely have I had any problems. The site has never been down, the performance is pretty fast, and the help desk is really good in answering my questions promptly. Normally my emails to technical support are answered within an hour. They have been willing to offer low-level technical support and add new Perl modules (eg. SOAP and XML) as required.

All in all a pretty impressive list of features, at least more than enough for a simple web master like myself.

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