The highest spot in the whole wide world is here.

This is the place where I spend alot of my time, especially in the evenings pounding away at my computer trying to be creative or just trying to remain sane. It is funny, but much has happened here. I spend more than a third of my life here just sleeping, hard to believe. Also there is a portable television set, a window which lets the sunlight in, a closet filled with clothes, my completely packed bookshelves, and the opposite side of the bed where I like to read before I go to sleep. Have fun watching the tour and do not get too very dizzy going round and round and round.

This is the attic room.

I also spend alot of time on top of the world just drinking coffee which is a really great way to bide the time away feeling useful.

Who is this guy?
Just your regular down-to-earth kind of person who spends most of his time pursuing a pseudo-balanced life in the best of all perfect worlds.
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Nine not ten:
So I told Maarten yesterday that he should really appreciate it now as much as possible, remember clearly what it was like, because tomorrow morning...
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