This is what life is all about.

Early in the morning I often sit behind my computer, rummaging through my daily flood of emails, making my homepage even better and more complicated, or sometimes during the week working hard on my current assignments and/or projects. Here I am during one of those typical moments, sipping on my cup of coffee and trying to look normal. This may take some time to load, but please be patient. The wait is worth it.

Drinking coffee.

Here is a chronological list of events which take place in the video clip above:

  1. Think.
  2. Sip coffee.
  3. Take off headphones.
  4. Take off glasses.
  5. Wave to the audience.
  6. Put glasses back on.
  7. Put headphones back on.
  8. Continue thinking.
  9. Go back to step 1.

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