About the past:
<strong>Kiffin Growing Up</strong>

Before you realize it you have already grown up and so much of your life has passed by in a wink of the eye.

By nature I am a very sentimental person, and I tend to think alot about the past, that path I followed on my way to growing up. Even at my age now I am still growing up. That process never starts. Much has happened to me in the last forty odd years, too much so to record it all on a single homepage. I thought it would be interesting to collect a number of pictures of myself spread out over a whole lifetime, display them all together in chronological order. Have a look at the scene to the right. It is kind of interesting to have a quick look on how my physical appearance at least has changed, albeit just my face. I hope I am not coming across too much as a narcissist who loves to look at himself growing up over and over again. Actually, I hate even looking at myself in the mirror. However, I firmly believe that our faces tell us alot about our or other's personalities, who we really are, what's hiding there inside. Some conclusions I have made after studying the pictures here to the right are:

My favorite ages in this lifetime have been 8 to 10, 17 to 21 and around 30. My least favorite ages have been 22 to 23 and around 40. All other ages were in general very happy and secure, with the usual ups and downs expected of an average life. I think that is reflected pretty well in the flashing pictures above. Now I am getting better, recovering from a very slight case of a mid-life crisis. Many people start to wonder about life's achievements at that age, what and why and imagine if.

Time passes:

I've been alive for exactly:

That's equivalent to:

Four stages:

While the development of personality is a continuous process throughout life, Carl Jung spoke of four stages. These are in order:

What is interesting is that in the so-called middle age (where I am at the moment), the person begins to experience his inner being in order to understand the meaning of his individual life.

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Just your regular down-to-earth kind of person who spends most of his time pursuing a pseudo-balanced life in the best of all perfect worlds.
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