I enjoy running on a regular basis. While I might not be an example of the perfect long-distance runner, I do it because it helps me relax and wind my mind down into a form of simple peace and satisfaction which makes me feel much much better.

Jogging route:

The usual run for me is around 5 kilometers or so, starting from my house, going around in a loop first through the flat countryside and then folding back upon itself along the highway, and finally back home. All in all anywhere between twenty-four and thirty-minutes, depending on how I feel and my physical prowess and determination at the time.

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My jogging route.

My first official competition was the Bloemendaalseloop during which I did the ten kilometer run in forty-nine minutes and three seconds. The following video should give you an idea of what it was like. The film is pretty large (2.5MB) so it might take some time before it is downloaded and you can play it. Please be patient.

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