Spirit cannot be grasped totally by the intellect. The following has been borrowed from an interesting site I happened to come across during one of my many spiritual side-tracking adventures on the Internet (again). I liked it so much that I took the liberty to place it on my homepage. Please note that the credits go to the author Melanie Williams-Galuten. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this with others.

Guided Relaxation

Beyond the Sea...

Consciousness does depend most critically on regions [of the brain] that are evolutionary older, rather than more recent, and are located in the depth of the brain, rather than on its surface. In a curious way, the "second-order" processes ... are anchored on ancient neural structures, intimately associated with the regulation of life, rather than on the modern neural achievements of the neocortex, those which permit fine perception, language, and high reason. The apparent "more" of consciousness depends on "less," and the second-order is, in the end, a deep and low order. The light of consciousness is carefully hidden and venerably ancient.

- Antonio Damascus
  The Feeling of What Happens (body, emotion and the making of consciousness) A Counterintuitive Fact?

Cause of all suffering:

If we understand that the cause of suffering and dissatisfaction is attachment, then it's obvious that the remedy is simply letting go. Why are we afraid to let go and let the natural mind just be as it is, radiant, free and aware? Why do we hold onto the past and resist the fresh current of nowness? It's very therapeutic to thaw our frozen patterns and develop spontaneity and awareness of 'what is' and the joy of the present moment. If you cling to nothing, you can handle anything. Let your mind flow, free from attachment to your belongings, ideas, agendas, schedule, passions -- your very self identity, and develop the wisdom, self-detachment, and equanimity that realizes that all things are essentially equal.

- Lama Surya Das
  Awakening of the Buddha Within.


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