So you are probably wondering how an average every day kind of guy like myself could possibly create such a masterpiece of a homepage. Well, this page will explain how the impossible was attained. I call it my toolbox, and I will open it up here and show you all of the tools in there and other secret weapons.

Hopefully others can use this information to help them also either start their own homepage from scratch or even improve it that much more.


My computers are not what you would call state-of-the-art multimedia blah blah, but it they are sufficient for your average day-by-day family needs, getting the work done. This is what I have:

Computer One / ZGISH Computer Two / XGISH Computer Three / KGISH Computer Four / LGISH Peripherals Home Network

There's a ton of software out there, and believe me I have an awful lot on my machine. However, I really only use a small subset of all this junk. Below I have listed the most important programs which I actually use regularly for my homepage:


Here is the list of technology stuff I either use alot, sometimes or am trying to learn in my pursuit to becoming a future famous web designer:


I listen to alot of music for inspiration, in order to increase the flow of creative thought. I like modern rock and roll, seventies music, classical and lately so-called ambient music. Basically I either listen to my own collection of CDs, but mostly I get off on Winamp which allows access to all kinds of audio streams. My favorites are:

All of these channels are available via Shoutcast. This is Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system. Thousands of broadcasters around the world are available for all kinds of (interesting) music.


My host is called A+ Hosting and until now I have been pretty pleased with it. Performance is sufficient, down time has been zero, and great technical support. Got a great deal on their A+ Eternal package for a lifetime account ($25 per year and one time $169 sign up costs). Banner free, own domain name, 250 MB, anonymous FTP for up to 7 concurrent users, SMTP/POP3 server, SSI, CGI, (secure) FTP access, Telnet, etc. More than enough for me now.


ADSL via an Ethernet/ISDN modem Alcatel Speed Touch using MxStream at 128 Kbit/s. I have built a home network with the other computers using Sygate Home Network.

If you want to learn more about how to set up your own home network and getting it to access the Internet, then you can check out How Home Networking Works.


I am mostly a self-made web designer, having picked up most of my information through emails, forums, newsletters or just plainly surfing around all over the place. I have experimented with my new knowledge and tried out alot of new ideas, which I think is in the end the best way to improve one's skills. However, as a lover of real books I have purchased a number of stuff which I share with you here:


There are millions of links out there on the Internet and there is no way I can even get close providing an exhaustive list. However, the links which I happen to use the most are the following (in alphabetical order):

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