The weather:

Is it going to be sunny or will it rain again? Have you ever wondered what the weather must be like in Europe right at this exact moment in time? Is the sun shining in the quaint Dutch village of Gouda or is it cold and raining (as usual). At the same time, what's it like on the other side of the world, namely in Monterey, California.

The following handy tool is brought to you by the fine folks at The Weather Channel. Below you will find the most important places worldwide, and if you want to search further for another spot, simply enter a zipcode below.


A quick overview of the weather at the most important places worldwide:

 Where Kiffin lives:
 Where my Mom lives:
 Where Kathleen and Bailey live:
 Where Martine and Alan live:

Or if you are interested in quickly finding the current weather situation anywhere else in the United States, just fill in the zipcode here:

Enter a city or zipcode:    
World times:
Gouda, The Netherlands :
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Monterey, California :
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